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0.5mm Color Coated Steel Coil Manufacturers in China

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0.5mm Color Coated Steel Coil Advantage

Color-coated coils are light, beautiful and have good anti-corrosion properties, and can be directly processed. The colors are generally divided into gray-white, sea blue and brick red. They are mainly used in advertising, construction, household appliances, electrical appliances, furniture and transportation. Industry.

0.5mm Color Coated Steel Coil Specification

1. The coil weighs 3-5 tons, so that it can be put into the tile pressing machine better
2. 0.5mm thickness is more suitable for roof tiles
3. 600mm, 1000mm, 1220mm, 1250mm common width
4. Physical Characteristics : Durability,meeting a variety of architectural styles

Product Name 0.5mm Color Coated Steel Coil
Thickness 0.5mm
width 600mm,1220mm,1250mm
Coil Weight 3-5ton
Color RAL Color
Painting PE, PVC, HDP , SMP
Delivery Time 20-25days
Service Life 10-30 Years
Port Qingdao

Jianhui Steel Manufacturer Coating Type

Polyester (PE)

Good adhesion, rich colors, wide range in formability and outdoor durability, medium chemical resistance, and low cost.

Silicon modified polyester(SMP)

Good abrasion resistance and heat resistance, as well as good external durability and chalking resistance, gloss retention, general flexibility, and medium cost.

High Durability Polyester(HDP)

Excellent color retention and anti-ultraviolet performance, excellent outdoor durability and anti-pulverization, good paint film adhesion, rich color, excellent cost performance.

Polyvinylidene Fluoride(PVDF)

Excellent color retention and UV resistance, excellent outdoor durability and chalking resistance, excellent solvent resistance, good moldability, stain resistance, limited color, and high cost.

0.5mm Color Coated Steel Coil Rated Service

1) OEM manufacturing is welcome: customised logo, customised packaging

2) Professional after-sales service team

3) Fast delivery, all goods can be shipped within 25-745 days. Large quantity of products are in stock for customers.

4) Shipping method: use different shipping methods according to customer’s different situation, sea freight, train, etc.

5) Packing: stand-up packs, flat packs

OEM packaging is also available.

Jianhui Steel Advantages

  1. Jianhui has its own steel product research and development center and quality control center to maintain the high quality of products.
  2. Jianhui Company has more than 18 years of product laboratories
  3. Passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification

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