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How do I Choose the Chinese Supplier for PPGI

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Finding the right PPGI plant supplier in the China steel market can often be overwhelming. However, this guide is designed to simplify the process and provide information for informed choices. Steel customers may be concerned about the following issues when buying colour- coated steel coil (PPGI):

Quality and durability

Steel customers will be concerned about the level of quality and durability of colour- coated steel coils to ensure that they maintain their appearance and performance over time. They may ask questions about the type of coating, thickness, adhesion, and corrosion resistance. Let’s take a look at the PPGI specifications from this PPGI product table.

Item PPGI Steel (pre-painted galvanized steel)
Width600mm-1250mm(stock thickness:1000/1200mm)
Thickness0.1mm-1.5mm(stock thickness 0.350.4/0.45/0.5/0.6/0.8mm)
Colour RAL Number
Paint Types PE, SMP, HDP, PVDF
Paint Thickness Top:10-35 um Back:5-14um
Value-added-ServicesCustom sample , silting , cutting , stamping , bending , profiling , and other
Package Standard Export Package
CertificatesSGS, ISO ,9001
Package Standard export package

Colour and Appearance

The appearance of a colour coated steel coil is important to many customers. Steel customers may be concerned about whether the coil is available in a variety of colour options and whether the colours are long lasting and vibrant. For example, PPGI does not lose paint during use, and Jianhui PPGI steel colours can be customised.

Size and Specification

Steel customers are concerned about whether the dimensions, thickness and width of the colour coated steel coils meet their project requirements to ensure a seamless fit of the material. Jianhui steel can be customised to meet the specifications of the customer’s needs.

Production Standards

Knowing whether a colour coated steel coil complies with international or industry standards, as well as relevant certifications and accreditations, helps customers confirm the quality and reliability of the product.

Delivery capacity

Customers will enquire about the supplier’s production capacity and delivery capability to ensure that they can get the required materials on time to avoid project delays.

Price and Cost

Price is usually a key issue. Customers are concerned about whether the price of colour coated steel coils is reasonable and may compare prices from different suppliers to make a decision.

After-sales service

Customers may ask about after-sales service policy, including return and exchange policy, quality problem handling process, etc. to ensure that they can get support and solve problems after purchase.

Environmental Protection

In today’s society, environmental protection is getting more and more attention. Customers may be concerned about whether the production process of colour coated steel coil meets the environmental protection standards, whether the coating contains harmful substances, etc.

Delivery and logistics

Customers will be concerned about the time and manner of delivery of goods as well as the logistics arrangements in order to plan the project progress reasonably.

Market Reputation

The supplier’s reputation and history may also play a role in the customer’s decision-making, and they may consult the supplier’s customer reviews and feedback.

In summary, the concerns of steel customers when purchasing colour coated steel coils cover a wide range of issues such as quality, appearance, specifications, price, availability and after-sales service. They want to be sure that the material they buy will meet their project needs and be reliable and economical.

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